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How to Maintain Perfect Carpets Between Carpet Cleanings in TURNERSVILLE, NJ

Many people love the look and feel of carpeting but worry about staining. While other flooring materials can be wiped and scrubbed as needed, grime and liquids tend to embed or seep into carpet fibers, making it more challenging to keep carpeting clean. However, it’s not impossible. Follow these tips to help your floors stay picture-perfect long after installation.

Bring in the Professionals As Needed

One of the best things you can do to extend your flooring’s longevity is to schedule carpet cleaning in Turnersville, NJ, by the professionals as needed. While you can keep your carpet looking nice by routinely vacuuming and spot cleaning, your equipment and methods can’t compare to what pros offer. Their techniques clean deep beyond the surface of your carpet to restore its original color. You’ll be amazed by the difference before and after. To preserve your carpet’s beauty for as long as possible, you should hire cleaners every two years and once a year for high-traffic areas.

Wipe Your Feet and Take Off Your Shoes

It may seem like an obvious thing to do, but many people neglect to wipe the dirt off their shoes before coming inside – and others walk right on the carpet with their street shoes. To delay the need for carpet cleaning, insist that your family and guests leave their shoes by the door. Furthermore, keep a good mat near the entrance for wiping off mud and such.

Vacuum Routinely and Learn Your Spot Treatments

Finally, practice good carpet cleaning habits. Vacuum your carpeting at least twice a week to prevent dust and dirt from settling deep in the fibers. Likewise, study up on the best ways to clean up spills and remove stains. Some carpets tolerate certain cleaning methods better, and a wine spill should be treated differently than stains left from oil splatter.