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Pet Stains — Tips from Our Stain Removal Experts in Turnersville, NJ

You know how hard it is to get pet stains out of your carpeting. You’ve tried it before, and no matter how hard you work or what products you use, the odor seems to linger, and the stain is fainter but still there. To remove this nastiness safely and effectively, look to the stain removal experts in Turnersville, NJ.

Professional carpet cleaning companies have access to products and equipment the average home or business owner does not. For instance, the dry cleaning method that gets rid of the stain and odor effectively. This method is eco-friendly, too, which is necessary as children and pets lay and play on the floor.

Safe & Effective Dry Cleaning Technique

Washing clothes gets rid of stains, but using lots of water to remove pet urine or feces from carpeting is a bad idea. What happens is the fabric holds onto the water, making it difficult to dry. Instead, H2O hides deep inside the carpeting, resulting in mold and mildew.

Another method that is best to avoid for your valuable carpeting is the chemical removal of dirt and stains. These chemicals can damage carpeting, causing it to fade on the surface and weaken fibers in the fabric. Instead, we recommend environmentally friendly green cleaning from stain removal experts in Turnersville, NJ. It’s the best method for carpeting, people, and pets.