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Things That Can Damage Your Floors Between Hardwood Cleaning Services in Turnersville, NJ

Hardwood flooring is tough and long-lasting, but it’s not totally invulnerable. Like any building material, it has weaknesses you should know about to protect its beauty, value, and structural integrity. The following are some common things that can scratch, dent, stain, or otherwise damage your wood surfaces.

Harsh Cleaning Chemicals: Certain cleaners can ruin the finish of your wood flooring, and it’s never a good idea to pour any liquid cleaner directly on your hardwood. Hire professionals for hardwood cleaning services in Turnersville, NJ, or do your research before getting started.

Furniture Legs: Whenever you sit down on your couch or armchair, you run the risk of the furniture’s legs scratching the floor. The same goes for any furniture that gets shifted around. Be sure to put rugs or furniture pads underneath your couches and other furniture to protect your floor.

Pet Nails: If you can hear your dog or cat’s nails clicking against your wood floors, it’s time for a trim. While the scratches they leave behind are tiny, they can dull your hardwood over time.

Debris: Even tiny specks of dirt can damage hardwood varnish if you don’t clean routinely. Make a habit of sweeping or dry mopping at least once a week to delay the need for professional hardwood cleaning services.

Sunlight: Natural light is beautiful, but it can also deal serious damage to your hardwood. Too much direct sunlight may cause fading and other discoloration problems. Use drapes, curtains, or blinds to let light in when you want it and keep it out when you don’t.

Liquid and Moisture: Part of why professional hardwood cleaning services come so highly recommended is because homeowners often inadvertently damage their floors when they attempt serious cleaning. In addition to using inappropriate cleaning chemicals, it’s common for people to wet mop their floors, causing the wood to swell. Since wood adsorbs moisture – even humidity from air – you should never allow water to pool on your hardwood planks.